Saint Victoria Catholic Church

Father James "Jim" Gallagher

Welcome to St. Victoria!

Blessed Mother Theresa referred to her ministry and the love of Christ as the "City of Joy.” One thing I can promise you, as you get to know God's people who gather at the banks of the Staunton River, is that they are a joyful and joy filled people.

Often as I walk by a meeting, I hear noise and laughter. "Is there a party going on and I am missing it?" I think, not really.

These are a people who love their ministries and are extremely comfortable with one another. From Finance Council to Parish Council, from Parish Socials to Christian Formation, from comforting the bereaved and visiting those who are sick, the charisma of the people who gather at Madeliene Key's "Little church on the hill" is one of happiness.

I hope you enjoy our web site. But do not stop there, come visit us and stay for coffee after Mass. Share your history and tell your story.  All are welcome.

Saint Victoria is a place where there are no strangers, but friends who have just met...

For over seven years they have brought joy to this priest and may God bless you with the same.

Your priest, brother and friend,

Father Jim Gallagher

Pastor mailto:[email protected]