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Welcome to the page of Parish Council                     

Parish Council at St. Victoria is tasked with being a group of elected parish members

                                              which serve to advise the pastor regarding parish issues.

The main purpose of a Pastoral Council is to be a consultative body of elected parish members which serve to advise the Pastor regarding the status and direction of the parish.  We accomplish this by prayerfully investigating, reflecting and reaching conclusions about pastoral matters and make decisions, as a group, on issues while adhering  to both our Catholic faith along with the St. Victoria's Mission Statement all of which is guided by the Holy Spirit.  

Our Parish Council meetings are scheduled typically six times a year.  During our meetings we hear reports from many of the major ministries that function within our parish.  Among these are Justice and Peace, Repair and Maintenance, Ladies Guild and Religious Education.  We also work closely with our Finance Council who's mission is to establish and adhere to our parish budget.

All Parish Council meetings are open and all members of the church are invited to attend.  We encourage all people to do so especially if you have something to bring up for discussion or are just simply interested in what we do. 

If you feel that God is calling you to be a part of Parish Council or to be more active in our parish please contact me for further information. 

Your officers for 2024 are:


Vice Chair:    Jacqueline Scolpini

Secretary:  Brenda Day

Thank you and may God Bless

Parish Council Agendas/Minutes                                                                                           

Agenda for Mar 10 2024 (TBA)

Minutes for Jan 14 2024  (TBA)
Agenda for Jan 14 2024 (TBA)