Saint Victoria Catholic Church
Deacon Chris Barrett

 Thanks to Fr. Jim and to the people of St. Victoria's and to the Holy Spirit's guidance, I have been given this great opportunity to be a member of this friendly community.

     I come to St. Victoria's from thirteen years in another very welcoming Catholic parish, Resurrection in Moneta.  So I know the means and the meaning of welcoming that are so necessary to the new evangelization and to life in Christ and to being a vibrant Catholic community.

     I love the story and history of St. Victoria's, with a few of the Catholic faithful and Monsignor Harold Nott (who gave me First Holy Communion) and Bishop Russell (who confirmed me on April Fools' Day in 1962) working together to plant this church in Hurt.  And I'm grateful to now be part of the story and part of the next chapter.

     I am only able to assist Fr. Jim on a very part-time basis, approximately 6 hours a week, but hope and plan to make the most of that with adult faith formation, liturgical ministry, pastoral care, and whatever else Fr. Jim wants me to do.  That is the role of the deacon, always has been, going back to the first century and the appointment of the first seven deacons:  to assist the priest.

     I feel honored and humbled to be the first permanent deacon to be assigned to St. Victoria's.  Thank you for your very warm welcome.  I'll be spending most of each week at Holy Cross Regional Catholic School in Lynchburg (my alma mater), teaching 9th, 10th, and 12th grade religion and coordinating alumni relations.  But I look forward to being with you virtually every Sunday morning and most Thursday evenings.  God bless St.Victoria's, all her members, and all who visit here.


Deacon Chris Barrett